Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas and New Years

I figure it’s about time I post about Christmas and New Years. My camera is acting up these days so I don’t bring it with me that often anymore.

Christmas eve and Christmas Morning I spent with my family. I think one of the best things about Christmas (besides the whole religious meaning) is watching my nieces and nephews get excited about Christmas and excited about the gifts they get. Byron had the best reactions. He was very excited about his transformer, Star Wars Legos etc.

I got a hard case for my guitar and a book of 400 Ansel Adams prints.

I got the week between Christmas and New years off so I decided to go up to Washington. I spent time in Spokane to visit my cousin David, his family, some old roommates and friends. It was a lot of fun to visit everyone.

Ku and David let me stay at their place. I had a lot of fun with them and their kids. Their kids kept calling me their “half uncle.” It was cute. They even gave me a remote controlled airplane for Christmas.

While flying my plane at the park, I managed to get it stuck high up in this tree. Good thing I can still climb trees like a kid.

Climbing the Tree

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