Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day at the Beach in February

I never would have thought there would be such a nice sunny day at the beach in February let alone in Oregon. I had been checking the weather all week and when the forecast looked like it would be sunny I thought it could be kind of nice. Turns out it was a beautiful day in Cannon Beach!

The skys were clear and I got warm enough to take off my sweatshirt. There are days in the summer where it isn't that nice. I just kept thinking "I can't believe it is February!"

We had a great time digging in the sand and relaxing in the sun. Aiden built a pretty sweet scale replica of Mt Hood. Check it out!

Even though it wasn't very windy (which I definitely appreciated) we even got some kites in the air. I didn't get any pictures but we had a pretty sweet pterodactyl kite flying.

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