Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pancake Party

Somehow the fact that I can make some pretty good pancakes came up and since then Desha had been asking when I was going to make some for her and her roommate Bethany. So last Thursday the stars aligned…. (Or maybe it was just our schedules) and we had a pancake party at my house.

A Facebook event was created, people were invited, and we gave everyone lots of notice. (Desha invited people the night before while I was carving it up on Mt Hood with Andrea)

I made sure we had plenty of toppings. I even made blueberry, strawberry, chocolate, and apple spice pancakes.

This masterpiece starts with a regular pancake but instead of using water in the mix, I used Squirt. It is topped with Cool Whip, blueberries, strawberries, powdered sugar, and caramel syrup.

After filling up on delicious pancakes, I watched as the iPhones came out and Facebook pages got hijacked. Somehow Desha ended up engaged to Matt and Bethany ended up engaged to Greg. I narrowly escaped a Facebook hijacking.


  1. Our last "gourmet pancake" christmas favorite was banana coconut pancakes. I can't remember if we used a topping other than whipped cream, but caramel might be good. Just FYI.

  2. Never knew you were a pancake gourmet chef!