Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fiesta and Hot Peppers

Last Saturday I went to Andrea's Ward Party.  It was a fiesta at the Ridings.  Andrea's mom put in an amazing amount of work.  The food, the entertainment, and the atmosphere were phenomenal.  They had stick on mustaches and sombreros for the guys and flowers to go in the girl's hair. 

The mariachi band was a really nice touch.  Definitely made the atmosphere even nicer.

Check out all this amazing food!  I took home lots of leftovers. :)

After dinner they had a "Hot Pepper Eating Contest."  Someone asked me to be in the contest because they needed 1 more.  I like spicy food.  I've eaten some pretty hot homemade salsa and been fine and I really like jalapenos.  I was not prepared.

This is what we had on our plates: Anaheim, Jalapeno, Serrano x2, Cayenne, Habanero x2.  All very fresh peppers.

The first one done with all the peppers was the winner.  Some people watching yelled out to start with the hottest and work your way down.  I thought I would start with the biggest one.  The Anaheim required the most chewing because it was a pretty big pepper.  After the anaheim, I quickly ate the two serrano peppers and the cayenne.  It was definitely catching up with me.  I had a jalapeno and 2 habaneros left.  I wasn't worried about the jalapeno so I decided to eat the smaller of the two habaneros.  One guy was getting close to finishing so I figured after that habanero I could decide if I was going to go for the glory and quickly eat what was left or just drop out.
The guy on the left won.
Adding a habanero to all the peppers I had already eaten, I was really feeling it.  The one guy was almost done and I was worried about how I would feel tomorrow.  I decided, that was enough. 
Must be praying for relief

I got a cup for milk as the girl who organized the contest was opening the jug.  She asked if the cup was mine.  I'm pretty sure I said "yes" but she took it, filled it up and gave it to someone else.  I waited, mouth burning, for her to come back to fill up another cup I pulled out of the package.  Milk helped.  They had bread that didn't seem to make any difference.
Burning a little can you tell?  Notice the box of habaneros in front of me.

Finally some milk!

The table cleared as most people gave up.  The winner got Hershey kisses and a bottle of some really spicy hot sauce.

A couple of the guys headed to the back of the yard and puked.

I was lucky.  No after effects the next day.

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