Sunday, October 31, 2010


Friday Andrea and Aiden came out to my office for some trick or treating.  My co-workers were very excited to meet them.  Notice Darth Vader about to light saber me.
There is a guy in my office that is really into Star Wars.  He also has the full Bounty Hunter's outfit. 

Saturday Andrea's ward had a Halloween party/Chili cook off.  There were 17 Chili's that entered.  I've been known to make a good pot of chili.  I made a new addition to my arsenal of awesome chili.  I won a prize for the "Tastiest" chili.  Out of the 17, mine was the first and only one to be totally gone. 

Hopefully you can tell that I'm an "Outlaw" and Andrea is a Pioneer.

My house isn't the most Trick-or-Treater friendly.  I don't have a sidewalk in front of my house so in year's past I haven't had any kids come.  It's 9:30 on Halloween night.  I've had a total of 1 trick-or-treater so far. 

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