Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Roommate

Last week I got a roommate. It's nice to have some rent money and have the house not so empty. The connection is kind of confusing but my roommate Ivan is my friend's cousin's boyfriend. He is up here from Eugene for an internship with Portland Monthly. He's a sports writer.

It's worked out pretty well so far. Since his internship is unpaid, he works in a restaurant too. So he's pretty busy. When he is around, we have been taking turns cooking. He likes Karma (my dog) too so I'm sure Karma likes being let out of her crate a little more often.

Karma is still just full of energy. I took her on a 4 mile run on Friday and she was ready for more.

I grouted the shower last Saturday so it's pretty much done. I just have to seal the grout and caulk around the bottom edge of the tile. Hopefully I can get around to that tomorrow.

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  1. Nice! Hope it works out. What no pictures of the shower?