Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I haven't posted in a little while.  I haven't been taking pictures lately and what fun is a blog post without pictures?  So to remedy this situation.... 1. I'm going to try and take pictures more often and 2. I stole these from Kristy's blog. 

Not this last weekend but the weekend before we went up to the Seattle area.  Andrea's nephew Dallin was turning 6 and having a bowling party.  We had a great time hanging with Josh, Kristy and their family.  Bowling with little kids is hilarious!  Dallin has a friend named Jack.  Jack is the best kid to have at a birthday party because he is incredibly excited about everything!  Aiden had a blast.  Check out this cool action shot.

I even made it into one of the pictures.... well part of me.  I'm holding the bowling ball in the background behind the birthday boy.

Check out the awesome bowling ball cake!

Dallin got 4 Lego sets for his birthday.  I got roped into helping him build them all.  (Secretly I loved it since I'm just a big kid and Legos are awesome).  Helping to build them turned into building everything while the kids watched.  One of the kids said I was so good at building Legos that I was like one of the Incredibles.  So my super hero power is building Legos. Sweet.

UPDATE: Kristy was kind enough to email me a few pictures that I was actually in.  Here's one of Andrea and I. 
Yes, I know I'm sitting down and she's standing up.  Give me a break. I ran 8 miles that morning.

PS. Don't I have a cute girlfriend? :)


  1. Uh yeah you do! I'm jealous of your super power...that's awesome!

  2. thanks for coming up for the party!

    sorry we didn't take better pictures of you two! now we know, so next time we'll be on you like paparazzi. :)

  3. Great pictures! and PS: your brother is teaching me how to cook so there might be some cooking picture soon :)