Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Running Nerd

For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to run the Helvetia Half marathon.  I've been training for a little over a month now and have slowly become more and more of a running nerd.

First I bought some new shoes.  Got to have new shoes for running right?  No big deal.
I've run with several different brands of shoes.  Here are a few I've used lately.

I've found that I'm not fond of Nike running shoes.  I mean they look cool but they don't work too well for me when running.  I tried the Shox and some regular ones and they quickly just became my every day walking around shoes. 

In the past I've really liked Adidas (You know what that stands for right?  "All day I dream about Scott.")  A while ago I picked up some Saucony running shoes and loved them.  They were really light and comfy.  I got another pair at Big 5 for 40 bucks!  Score!

Next came the gadgets.  I have trouble keeping at the same pace.  I usually start out really fast and quickly realize that I need to slow down.  So I got this awesome GPS watch.  It tells me my pace, distance, time, elevation, and even heart rate.
I felt great running until I started running more than 6 miles.  Then I would get a wicked sore throat probably from breathing so hard.  So I made the next step toward running nerdom and got a running belt.

So next time your out on the trail and see a guy go by with one of these, he may not be a hard core runner.  Maybe he's just a pansy that needs his water. I think my next step will be running gels.  Anyone tried any?  Clif Shot, Gu, PowerGel, AxcelGel?

PS. I ran 10.27 miles on Saturday says my Garmin. 


  1. I love the ADIDAS acronym. Now whenever anyone asks me what I'm doing, I'll just have to say, "oh, you know, Adidas." Love it! And I love that you're a running nerd!

  2. Scott, this is hilarious! You are a running nerd. Love your acronym too. very funny. Though I'm not Adidas :o) --Jenny