Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Smith Rock

Memorial Day weekend, I went camping, hiking, and climbing at Smith Rock with my brother and friends. We had good weather, great food, good company, and an all around great time.

Not only was Smith Rock great for climbing, it had beautiful views!

Since it was Memorial Day weekend, Smith Rock was a zoo. There were so many people there. We were able to find a nice spot with some open routes. The first climb of the day was a 5.10. I hadn’t been climbing in 3 years so it was a bit intimidating. I watched 3 girls in our group climb it no problem so I was hoping I wouldn’t totally embarrass myself. Luckily I was able to slowly work my way up to the top.

Here is Greg (my brother) taking down the rope on the first route.

We worked our way around the rock, climbing several routes. We had a great sunny day at Smith.

So what do you do after climbing all day? Hang out around the camp fire singing Kumbaya? Crash in your tent to rest for the next day? Go see a movie?

There was no Kumbaya singing but a few people decided to crash and rest up for the next day while the rest of us drove into Redmond to see Prince of Persia. Great movie!

The next day my brother and I hiked around Smith Rock. As we were hiking around looking at different routes people were climbing and cracks in the wall that would be fun to try, I got a great idea for a bumper sticker. Maybe it’s already out there but I was thinking something like this would sell.

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