Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oregon Rocks!

I've been busy lately taking advantage of the beautiful area I live in. 

Running - I've been slacking a little lately but I'm starting up my training schedule again next week to get ready for the Newport Half in September.

Rock Climbing at Broughton Bluff - Great climbing and so close to Portland. 
(Yes that's me)

Hanging out at Blue Lake - Good times had by all.

The Oregon Zoo
(Not me)

Hiking at Latourell Falls - Great hike!  Aiden made it most of the way on his own.  There was so much green.

Bike Riding along the Columbia River - I haven't been on a bike much the last few years but I survived a nice 10 mile ride along the Columbia. 

SO much fun stuff to do here.  I've got the sore muscles and mosquito bites to prove it.  Anyone else think the mosquitoes are intense this year?

Besides the outdoorsy stuff, I saw the Broadway Across America production of The Lion King with Andrea and some friends.  It was awesome! 


  1. Glad you liked the Lion King, I thought it was pretty awesome too. I love how you clarified the mountain goat wasn't you ;)

  2. I think the "Mountain Goat" was really Scott, but thats just me!

  3. You´ve certainly been busy! looks like you´re having a blast!