Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Master Bath Remodel

I recently remodeled my master bathroom with the help of my dad.  There are a few little finishing touches to do but it's basically done.

When I first saw the house, it looked like this:

That's the shower...

For the bank to fund the loan, the shower had to be functional so I quickly re-tiled the shower before the sale closed and it had been the same ever since.

To give the bathroom some extra room, we tore out a linen closet that was in the hallway.  That gave us enough room to get a full size shower in there.

I took this picture from where the linen closet was.

Knocked out wall.  To the left of it you can see the temporary tile job.

We found dry rot under the old shower so we had to replace some of the tongue and groove 2x6's.  At one point the floor was open to the crawl space and the ceiling was open to the attic.  It did make the plumbing a little easier.  While I was under the house I cleaned up.  The wood from the forms on the inside of the foundation was still there... So I crawled around the entire house cleaning it all up.
Old Wood

New wood

I picked out a darker brown paint color.  I probably spent over an hour looking at paint colors trying to just narrow it down.  I knew I wanted a brown but there are SO many browns.  I think it turned out nice.  The light fixture is from Home Depot.

With the shower in place and the walls painted, next was the tile work.  I had left over tile from the other bathroom but not quite enough.  So I bought these accent tiles I think turned out really nice.  The blue things are spacers.

After some grout, the vanity, trim and the toilet went it. 

The next challenge was finding a mirror to match the vanity.  I checked Ross, Bed Bath and Beyond, Fred Meyer, Marshalls, and then found this mirror at Lowe's.  It matches perfectly.  With a shower curtain from Bed Bath and Beyond, it was all done.