Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Smith Rock

Memorial Day Weekend I spent at Smith Rock.  I headed out a little early from work to get a few camp sites for the group of people we had coming out.  When I got to Skullhollow, 4 sites were left.  I picked the two that were closest to each other and moments later, the last sites were taken. 

I was camping alone until midnight when my brother and some friends showed up.

We climbed in Smith Rock State Park all weekend.  Monday my brother and a few other experienced climbers took off early to do a multi-pitch climb.  That left a bunch of us a little less experienced climbers to fend for ourselves.  We went to Rope-de-dope and setup a top rope on an easier climb some those new to climbing could try it out.  I climbed that one as a warm up and then got the guts to do my first lead climb.  I had never done lead belay either but ended up doing that at least 4 times over the weekend.

The route I planned on climbing I had climbed last year so I was pretty confident I could do it.  After a slip at the beginning, I made it the rest of the way up without a fall.  It was a great way to end a great weekend.

We had decent weather.  It was a little cold but mostly dry.  We did have a little bit of hail at one point and as I was hiking out to my car on Monday, it started raining pretty good.

Routes I climbed:
Purple Headed Warrior
Five Gallon Buckets
The Outsiders
How Low Can You Go
North Shore Crack

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