Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wedding Time!

July 9th was a great day.  It was not only my half-birthday, it was also my wedding day!

Neither Andrea nor I are usually the "center of attention" kind of people so it was different having so much attention on us all day. 

 We were lucky to have such wonderful photographers who coincidentally (or not) are Andrea's sister and brother-in-law.  (Looking for a photographer?  They are based out of Seattle but are often in Portland to visit family.  Click on the link to check out their work.)

The reception was quite the party.  There were so many details that I wasn't expecting.  It turned out even better than I was expecting and I had pretty high expectations since it was a "Riding" party after all. :)  There was really good food, great people, all in a beautiful yard.

We heard that after Andrea and I took off, they turned on some dance music and boogied down until mid-night in true "Riding" fashion.

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