Thursday, July 21, 2011

Batching it up!

I'm no crazy partier so my Bachelor Party probably seems pretty tame for most, but it was perfect for me.  I gave my friend Josh a few suggestions since he took on the task of planning the party. 

We first went to Threat Dynamics.  They do small arms training for Law Enforcement and also let regular folk try out their stuff.  (FYI they give you a discount if you "check in" on Facebook when you are there).

We all went upstairs to their single screen area.  They use modified Glock 17's and I heard they also have AR-15's but we didn't get to try those out.  They basically shoot a laser at the screen instead of a bullet and use compressed air to still give you a kick.  We started with some target shooting.  Since I was the bachelor and there was an odd number of shooters, I got twice as many turns as everyone else. 

Either the guy had some way to make it easier on the bachelor or I'm a pretty decent shot because I got the highest score in both groups. 

WARNING: If guns bother you, you might skip down to the part about Famous Dave's.  Though we are just shooting lasers at a screen, it could sound kind of graphic.

After some target shooting, it started to get interesting.  They put you in scenarios so you can train on how you should react.  The screen plays a video.  The outcome is based on what you say to the suspect, and where/when you shoot.  To make things even more interesting, you can wear belts that shock you if you get shot by a suspect.  Josh and I went first.  I opted to wear the belt and everyone followed suit.  (It was a bachelor party after all so you have to act tough.)

The first scenario was: Josh and I were Police officers.  We got a call that an employee was fired and refused to leave the place of business.  He was in the break room with the boss.  We entered the building and in the break room, the suspect pulled a gun and put it to the boss's head. We pointed our guns at the perpetrator and repeatedly told him to put the gun down.  He pointed it at us, then back at the victim.  He cocked the gun and I fired and Josh fired soon after I did. 

After the scenario was over, the guy working there said we had justification to shoot as soon as the perpetrator pointed the gun at us.  He also could replay the scenario and show in slow motion where and when each of our shots hit.  My shot hit pretty much between the eyes.  The guy had started to fall when Josh shot and he would have hit the perpetrator's gun. 

It was interesting to see how we reacted and where we shot.  Our next scenario, we had two guys in a warehouse with guns.  I told Josh to take the one on the right and I would cover the one on the left.  As I'm watching where my guy was hiding, I got a shock.  I had been shot by the guy Josh was covering.  I shifted focus and took that guy down.  Then the guy on the left popped out and shot Josh as we both took him down.

In the next scenario I did, Mike was my partner.  Mike had the 2nd highest shooting scores.  We were police officers backing up another officer on a traffic stop.  The officer approached the car and the suspect quickly exited the car, grabbed the officer and stood behind him with a gun to the officer's head.  He told us to put our guns down and took the officer's gun out of the holster and threw it in the street.  We told him to put his gun down repeatedly and tried to convince him to comply.  We did not have a clear shot since he was completely behind the officer.  Since we wouldn't put our guns down, he put his gun against the officer's hand, raised it up in the air and fired.  The officer doubled over in pain which meant we had a clear shot on the suspect's head.  I fired first and got the head shot.  Mike fired a split second after me and I think he also hit. 

After some scenarios on the single screen, we headed downstairs for some scenarios on 300 degrees of screens.  This make it much more difficult because you had a lot more to look at. 

My first scenario on the big screens was with Josh.  We were two citizens with concealed carry permits.  We were walking to our car at night in a parking garage.  A thuggish looking guy walked up to us holding a tire iron.  He asked for help with his car so I was asking him if he needed a jump or something.  Several other of his friends came out behind some cars.  I didn't see any guns in their hands but they looked threatening.  I told Josh to take the right side and I'd take the left.  Josh started to shoot the guys on the right.  I turned and looked at all the guys.  No one had weapons so I didn't shoot.  Then I got a shock.  A guy came up a stairwell behind us and shot us both.  The guy working there said the guy in the stairwell was the hero since we were shooting unarmed men.

My second scenario was with Mike.  We were police officers on patrol.  we stopped a car and the suspects in the car got out.  Two of them went running off to the right while one stayed next to the car with one hand out of sight inside the car.  Mike covered the guys that ran off and I covered the one next to the car.  I kept telling the suspect to let me see his hands and to step away from the car.  He was talking and finally said "Okay" and showed me his hands.  Immediately after he showed me his hands, he reached in the car and pulled out a gun.  As soon as I saw the gun, I fired 3 shots in his chest.  He went down and dropped the gun.  He was on the ground but still talking to me and was within reach of the gun so I fired again.  The group of guys watching me laughed because I shot the guy already on the ground.  I was thinking, he could still reach the gun and I didn't want to turn around and assist Mike if the guy could pick up his gun and shoot me.  Mike took care of his guys and we escaped with no shocks.

After shooting, we went to Famous Dave's.  We sat outside and ate lots of BBQ.  9 guys and we put down 2 of their "All American BBQ Feasts" plus Catfish and Nacho appetizers. 

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