Friday, January 13, 2012

Chili..... and Halloween

Playing catch-up... I wrote this in November but never added pictures until now....

If you have a good recipe, chili is not hard to make.  Some of you may recall that my chili making skills has one an award... or four.  With a new Ward,  you never know what the competition is going to be like.  Last year in Andrea's Ward, I won 1st place and they ended up getting my recipe and my chili was all the made in their Halloween activity this year.

Last minute, I decided to go for it and make my chili.  I stopped by the closest store to our place and ground beef was crazy expensive at Safeway.  I went with Turkey that was on sale.  The Turkey turned out slightly different than beef but it was still good.  A dozen and a half croc pots were lined up on the table and the few I tried were pretty good, but I was still confident I would win.

The judges worked hard.  They had many small cups of each chili and it looked like they tried each one several times.  After a lot of deliberating and after the activities, they were ready to announce the winners.

As they announced the first place winner, I fully expected to hear Chili #9.  That wasn't the number they called out.  No one claimed the prize for #1.  They must have left already.  They called my number next for second place but since 1st had left, by default, I won first place.  I guess next year I won't skimp by going with turkey instead of beef.

Halloween was fun too.  Andrea and I dressed up like Pirates to surprise Aiden.  He had many costumes.  He wore a black kitty cat costume to school and to the Riding's ward activity.  He wore a pirate costume to our ward activity and he wore a pirate skeleton costume to my office for trick or treating.

He was very surprised and Andrea and I dressed up.  He kept asking where we got our costumes but we just made them from things we had.  I borrowed a rastafari wig from the Ridings so I could look like Jack Sparrow.

For the Ward Party

Costume he wore to Kindergarten

At my office
Aiden had fun trick or treating Halloween night but he refused to wear a coat over his costume.  We hit a few streets and got more candy that we needed.

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