Thursday, April 5, 2012

Grandma Taylor

My Grandmother passed away in March.  Although it's sad that she is gone,  I'm glad she's in a better place.  I remember going to Clarkston Washington each summer growing up for family reunions.  I remember my grandparent's house there.  Sitting on the porch, walking down the street to the park, and the Family Reunions near the Snake River.  My grandma loved her Diet Dr Pepper.  She always seemed to have a Big Gulp mug of the stuff.  I remember Grandpa always saying that they had to stop at every rest stop on the way to Portland when they would come to visit.  I remember my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary party and when they left on their mission to Navoo.

This is how I mostly remember her:

Since we had just made a trip to Utah in December where my car was less than cooperative and I have a 7-month-pregnant wife, I decided to hitch a ride with my brother.  

We met up with some of my family at Temple Square before heading to Provo.

While hanging out at the new mall that just opened up across from Temple Square we saw L. Tom Perry walk by.

I learned a lot about my Grandma at the funeral.  My Aunt Marta told us about her life and about what life was like for her growing up.  She married my grandpa in 1948.  This May they would have been married 64 years!

After the service we headed over to a local church building to have lunch and catch up with all the family in town.

Uncle Jay

My family with Grandpa Taylor



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  1. my grandpa passed in march, and my grandma just three weeks ago, and they would have been married 64 years this month. such an amazing generation of people!