Monday, March 12, 2012


Last month Aiden and I went to Bullwinkle's.  Not surprisingly, he had a blast!

What did surprise me was how much he loved miniature golf and how good he was at it.  On most of the holes, he had no problem getting par.  Although there were others where it took him many tries.

On one of the holes, he chiped the ball so hard that it went into the water feature.  We had to finish the rest of the holes sharing my ball.

Look at that!  I think he finished this hole in 2 strokes.

Not long after our trip, one of his friends in his class had a birthday party there.  Laser-tag is Aiden's new favorite thing.  When he played miniature golf with his friends, it was more like a game of field hockey.  

Here are some random pictures I felt like posting:

My Lincoln Log Masterpiece before it got destroyed.


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