Friday, September 10, 2010

Don’t Leave Me Summer!

(I'm talking about the season in case there was any question)

I’ve had a blast this summer and Labor Day weekend was no exception.

Saturday morning, Andrea and I ran 9 miles along the Columbia River. Part of our training for the half marathon we are running this month.
Frog Lake
Then we headed up to check out Frog Lake. We heard that this time of year you can see lots of frogs. It felt cold there since we were all wearing shorts. We didn’t see any frogs but someone there at the lake said you see them more in the evening. We ate lunch next to the lake and some aggressive birds were getting anything we dropped or weren’t watching. One bird got on the table and then flew right at Andrea and tried to seal her sandwich! We ate somewhat quickly and decided to check out another lake.
Trying to warm up at Frog Lake
We went to Trillium Lake and as we were paying the day use fee, a guy was asking around for a band aid. I usually carry a first aid kit because I’ve been clumsy once or twice and cut myself, so I offered to help. The guy had cut himself with a fillet knife. It was deep enough that a Band-Aid wasn’t going to do much. Some gauze and some tape to wrap it up and he was good to go.
Trillium Lake

Trillium Lake was beautiful. It was a little cloudy so I couldn’t get the full view of Mt Hood over the lake but it was still nice. We hung out by the lake and watched people fish.

Sunday Andrea’s family from the area got together at the Ridings because Bri and Todd were in town. The food was amazing. Andrea and I were asked to tell how we met and the engagement story after dinner.

View of Crown Point from the Women's Forum

Along the Historic Highway in the Columbia Gorge, there are lots of waterfalls. Since Bri and Todd were in town, we went hiking to several beautiful waterfalls. We saw Latourell, Bridal Veil, Multnomah, Horsetail, and finished off the day with lunch and a hike to Wahclella Falls. We had nice weather and beautiful views.  What a great part of the country we live in!
Bridal Veil

Wahclella Falls

The next day… it rained. I’m not ready for summer to be over.

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  1. I'm so happy for you Scott! You look great and your fiance is beautiful. When's the big day?