Saturday, January 29, 2011

Turning 29

For my birthday this year I really got spoiled.  I had 4 different birthday dinners.  My parents took me out Friday night to Red Lobster before we went to my nephew Byron's Birthday Party.

Saturday I decided I better go get a Tetanus Shot.  (Not because of Red Lobster)  I helped some friends put in some lights earlier in the week and hit my head twice on the same rusty nail in their attic.  Besides hitting my head on the nail and drilling holes in their son Hyrum's room, it went well.  The ceiling fan and wall sconces look really nice.  The holes in Hyrum's room... .not so nice.  I should go fix those soon.

After the Tetanus shot, I headed out to Troutdale for a date with Andrea.  She set it all up as a surprise.  We went snowshoeing at Larch Mountain.  The plan was to hike to the top which was about 4 and a half miles.  We got a little later start than Andrea had planned because of my doctor appointment so at about 3 miles up we decided we should head back because it was getting dark.  6 miles was great although we would have felt more of a sense of accomplishment if we made it all the way to the top.  Maybe next time.

After Snowshoeing, we headed to a restaurant Andrea found online called Agave Azul.  It's a small Mexican restaurant in Gresham.  It looks like it used to be a house.  It looked really new inside and the food was really good and inexpensive.  Andrea ordered Tortilla Soup with her Tacos and I think I ate well over half of it.  It was fantastic.  Definitely a good find.

My actual birthday was a Sunday.  I went to church with Andrea and Aiden.  After church Andrea and Terese made a delicious dinner. 

Andrea made me and ice cream cake.  It had a brownies on the bottom, then caramel, ice cream, and chocolate ganache on top.  It was really good.  Aiden helped me light all the candles. 

One of the presents I got was the game Bananagrams.  We played it that night and it was a lot of fun.  It's similar to scrabble but without the board. 

Andrea told me to keep Wednesday open.  Thinking all my birthday celebrating was over, I thought the two of us were going out to dinner.  Our first date was to a restaurant downtown called Seratto.  Since it's coming up on 1 year since our first date, I thought maybe she was taking me there. 

Well, we ended up meeting at Olive Garden near Mall 205.  So.. I'm a little confused at this point.  Then I meet her in the parking lot and she walks me over to Red Robin.  Very tricky.

Turns out, Andrea and Leah planned a surprise birthday dinner for me at Red Robin.  They even made me wear the balloon "ears" and had the Red Robin people sing to me.  Jeanie, Jimmy, Alexa, Jonica, Leah, Mike, Kyle, Jason, and Andrea all came to Red Robin to wish me a happy birthday. 

My birthday was quite the event this year.  Now my expectations are set pretty high for next year. :)

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