Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reverse Charades

For those of you who don't know, I'm a small group leader for FHE (Family Home Evening... now officially called Home Evening Group) in my Singles Ward.

This past Monday the schedule said we were playing Charades for the activity.  I wasn't all that excited about it but I looked around online for some words we could use for the game.  I ran across this.

From their website, it looked pretty interesting.  It's just like Charades but instead of one person acting the word out and one person guessing it's the reverse.  One person guesses as everyone acts the word out. 

I wasn't going to run around and try and buy the game an hour before FHE but then I saw it...  they have a Mobile App for Android (and iPhone). 

After a free download, I was knee deep in Reverse Charades goodness.  Not only did the app have a built in timer and keep score for me, there was no box to carry around, no cards to lose or bend.  I paid 99 cents to get a total of 500 words rather than the 50 in the free trial.

The game was a hit and it is the first and only App I've actually paid for on my Droid X.

Also, come to find out, I'm not too bad at Charades.  Well Reverse Charades anyway.

Check out this article on the BYU Grads who market the game.

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