Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July!

This year, the 4th was a very busy day!  We first went to a parade in Corbett.  They have all kinds of classic cars the drive down the parade route and they throw candy to the kids watching the parade.  They also had horses, fire engines, ATV's, a couple of clowns, "floats" etc.  It was a fun little parade and everyone was very friendly.  Aiden got a lot of candy.  It was like Halloween but they bring the candy to you.

After the parade and a lunch stop, we headed to Punch Bowl Falls for a hike.  The weather was great and the scenery was amazing.  It was a great spot for a warm summer day.  The water looked inviting for a swim but it was sooo cold!  I couldn't believe some people were swimming in it anyway.

Aiden was a trooper and he hiked all the way there on his own.  On the way back he was exhausted.  He made it part of the way back but we ended up taking turns carrying him.  He was nodding off and he ended up falling asleep riding on my shoulders. 

After the hike, we headed to my Sister's house for a BBQ and fireworks.  My Grandpa Taylor, Aunt Marta, and Uncle Jay were in town for the wedding.  Aiden was less scared of fireworks this year.  He had fun with Pop-its and Sparklers.  But when the loud fireworks came out, he was done. 

I didn't take many pictures and most of the pictures I took are on my camera.  No internet at the new place yet so the one above and these below are from my cell phone.

On a walk in Troutdale

Andrea and Her Sister Kelly

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  1. Where did you move to? Your wedding is this weekend right?